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Dance Your Ancestors



Peruvians in the diaspora:

'This is my love letter to you.'


Dance Your Ancestors ™️ is an emerging program that connects Peruvians in the diaspora to their heritage and ancestry through dance, ritual, historical research, and community connection. The program consists of a 4-month online program of followed by a 10 to 12 day in-person DYA dance intensive where participants travel to Peru, train with cultural ambassadors of the dance genre, visit historical sights related to the dances learned, and give back to the local community.


Each round is carefully curated and dedicated to a specific genre of traditional dance. Currently, our focus of study is AFRO-PERUVIAN dance, specifically Festejo rhythm-based dances. For our DYA intensive we learn and dance in both Lima and El Carmen, Chincha. 


Dance Your Ancestors ™️ program first launched in  May of 2022 and has since completed it's 3rd round this past February 2024. Each cohort has experienced an unforgettable transformation filled with  connection, joy, healing, and DANCE like never before.


As a community, we honor our ancestors by uplifting them through dance, learning and understanding through a decolonial lens, through the body, ritual, community connection and reciprocity.  As a NYC born Peruvian- American and Puerto Rican dancer who has dedicated her life to the creation of this program, I fully understand the double and triple consciousness being from the diaspora and feeling "in-between" with "ni de aqui, ni de alla".  The truth is somos de aqui Y de alla in unique ways. Dance Your Ancestors program opens an opportunity for us to discover, experience and strengthen that understanding. We make up an important part of the mosaic of Peruvian culture. How we represent, connect and value our heritage matters.  Dance Your Ancestors program is fully immersed in the dance language that our ancestors used to resist, connect, thrive and self empower. Y nadie te quita lo bailado !


 I feel honored to be a part of and witness the incredible transformations of DYA participants who now form part of a larger community. I thank the Dance Your Ancestors ™️ team for trusting the vision of ensuring that our ancestors dance through us with resilience, knowledge, honor and truth. Gracias infinitos al equipo en Lima y El Carmen, la Familia Ballumbrosio, guerrerxs por siempre por nuestra cultura Afro Peruana.

To begin your journey or learn more, click the link below and schedule a call.   

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